Welcome to Live Life Foundation!

Live Life Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is working hard to improve health care and provide a better future for the local community in the northern region of Malawi .

To achieve this ambitious goal, we are currently working on several projects:

  • Providing ongoing support for the local clinic in Lusangasi.
  • Educating the local community about health issues, such as: HIV, malaria, nutrition and maternal care.
  • Improving hygiene by building water pumps, pitlatrines and urinals, through active community engagement.
  • Expand the basic clinic to a hospital with more facilities, beginning with a maternity hospital and two operating rooms.

We have already achieved some of our goals. There’s an ambulance, there are pitlatrines for the school children and we have built a house for the doctor. In 2019 we have also finished building a multidisciplinary center, where a nutritionist, nurse, psychologist and physiotherapist are working together and are involved in the care of one patient.

In order to fund all of our projects, donations are fundamental. If you would like to contribute to improving the lives of Malawians, here is what you can do: