Inheritance and legacy

The work of Live Life Foundation will certainly be needed in the next 10-25 years, to improve care for people in poor areas. This gives children and adults a fair chance for a happy and healthy future. Your legacy can help us pursue the dream of “a fair future for every person.”

If the work of Live Life Foundation would stop for any reason, the amount left on our account will be donated to a similar foundation.

Having ( a part of) an inheritance or bequest recorded for a good cause in your will, naturally raises questions for you. There are several things you can do if you would like to donate (a part of) your inheritance.

  • You can appoint Live Life Foundation as (co-) heir by means of an inheritance. By means of a percentage, you indicate which part Live Life Foundation shares your estate.
  • A second way is to donate a fixed amount of money, this is called a legacy. You can draw up a bequest as a supplement to your will and it can also be made if you do not have a will.

If you have additional questions, the notary can tell you more about it. We are also happy to help and you can contact us via or via 0639722752.

Information that the notary needs:
Live Life Foundation, with its registered office in the Municipality of Pijnacker – Nootdorp, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 64812529.