Our volunteers

On this page, we would like to highlight our volunteers. Without them, we would never have gotten this far and we are immensly grateful for what they are doing for us.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor zonnetje

Of course we are grateful to many people, but we would like to specifically highlight the following volunteers. We thank Peter Hoefsloot and Robert Timmers for baking the ‘oliebollen’. We are grateful for the lavender bags, made by Toos de Bruijn, the crocheted angels made by Mrs. van Bohemen, the crocheted dolls made by Ellen Hoefsloot and we would like to thank Joke de Bruijn for baking cakes and heart cookies. We would also like to thank Franska Bakker for designing the banner and Laura Muis and Robin van Schieveen for designing the website. We also thank Batya Brown, Lisa de Groot, Charlotte Wilhelmus, Anoeshka Bos and Franciska Hofstee for developing new events and project plans. We would also like to put Aat van Tilburg in the spotlight for his help with the design of the maternity hospital. Last but not least, we would like to thank Guus and Mark de Bruijn for carrying out all the work and stretching services. Unfortunately, not everything and everyone can be mentioned. Many of the mentioned volunteers do a lot more for us and not everyone has been mentioned. Still, we hope everyone realizes how grateful we are to have such beautiful people around us. So thank you dear volunteers, you are beautiful people.

If you would also like to register as a volunteer, you can do so via info@livelifemalawi.nl or via the contact form.