Policy and report

Live Life Foundation aims to provide unconditional support for the improvement of health care and hygiene for the inhabitants of Malawi. To achieve this goal, we have a partnership with the Fathers and Nuns of Capuchin Mission Mzuzu and we work on a project base. Each project represents our mission and vision

The finances necessary to realize the projects, will be provided by donations, sponsorships, endowments, collection, promotion actions etcetera.

To be able to expand the clinic to a small hospital, staff houses have already been built and more buildings will be added, such as a multidisciplinary center, operating theater, maternity ward and laboratory. It will certainly be several years before the clinic has its desired expansion.

We also want to ensure that sufficient medication is purchased every month to provide the pharmacy with a stock. In this way, the clinic can distinguish itself from other hospitals that often have a shortage of medication. Bills from patients who are unable to pay for the medication, healthcare or transport themselves, will be paid by the foundation. Many patients die unnecessarily in Malawi every day, because they simply do not have the finances to reach a clinic on time or to pay for the medical costs.