Live Life Foundation: With each other, for each other.

In 2014, Mariska de Bruin and Carla van der Aa traveled to Malawi for voluntary work. Mariska and Carla volunteered for six moths at the Pio Health Center, built by Capuchin Mission. A deliberate choice, given Mariska’s background as a dietician and Carla as a nurse. In Malawi, they regularly encountered a shortage of medication, long queues and poor conditions.

During the trip, Mariska became seriously ill. Fortunately, she had the opportunity to fly to a hospital in Kenya and eventually recovered, but this intense experience made them even more aware of the shortages in Malawi. An average Malawian would never have had Mariska’s chances. The story became the motivation for Mariska and Carla to bring Live Life Foundation to ‘life’. To be able to give as many people in Malawi a fair chance in life.

Nowadays, Live Life Foundation has seven enthousiastic board members, who would love to introduce themselves.

Mariska de Bruijn

I am Mariska (1992) and I work as a dietician. Since my childhood I wanted to be envolved in development work and Live Life Foundation is my passion. As chairman I am committed to the foundation, because in Malawi there is still a lot of work to be done within the healthcare sector!

Karin Nooyens

My name is Karin (1989) and I work as a credit controller. Carla is my niece and she asked me if I was interested in supporting the foundation as a treasurer. The first reason I said yes is because I like to help out Carla with her work. Secondly, think it is very nice to be able to mean something for the people in Malawi. I have followed the foundation closely and it is great to see what has already been set up.

Daniëlle Hoefsloot

My name is Daniëlle (1993) and I work as a physiotherapist. I have recently finished my master as a pediatric physiotherapist. Through Mariska I heard that physiotherapists do not exist in Malawi yet – it is a service that only the elite can afford. This led to the realization that everyone in the Netherlands really has a privileged position in terms of care. That is why I wanted to strengthen healthcare in Malawi, even if it is a slow proces. I do this as a secretary. My greatest wish is to officially introduce the physiotherapy profession in Malawi.

Carla van der Aa
Board member

My name is Carla (1993) and as a general board member I am committed to the Live Life Foundation. In January of 2014, I graduated as a nurse. During my studies It started itching to do developmental work. After my study I travelled to Malawi with Mariska, where we worked for the Capuchin Mission project. The confrontation with how people live there, has prompted us to set up Live Life Foundation with a lot of love and pleasure, in order to help the people there.

Amber Groos
Board member

My name is Amber (1993). I am a midwife and also almost graduated as a nurse. In recent years I have also been able to discover Africa. For example, I was able to gain a lot of experience as a midwife in a Gambian clinic and I have been to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. I know Mariska through the same organization that brought Carla and Mariska to Malawi. Ever since the beginning of the foundation, I have been saying that I would join one day. That moment came when the foundation had plans to build a maternity hospital. I will therefore mainly deal with mother and child care.

Madelon van Tilburg
Board member

I am Madelon van Tilburg and I work for Buurtzorg (International) as a district nurse. Through my work I have already visited many different countries and experienced how healthcare is organized. But through a trip to Ethiopia I also saw a completely different side. The visit to a small clinic made me realize that I would like to contribute something to improve care in Africa. I read about the Live Life Foundation in a report in a local newspaper and it all came together. As a board member I would like to dedicate myself to good healthcare in Malawi. With the wish to set up “home based care” around the clinic.

Lisa van Schieveen
Board member
My name is Lisa van Schieveen (1995) and I have recently been involved with Live Life Foundation as a general board member. During nursing school, I did research for diabetes in The Gambia for the minor ‘International Health and Development’. After graduating, I first worked as a general nurse at a hospital, but since last summer I have been working as a social nurse at ‘GGD Haaglanden’, at the Center for Sexual Health. I do this with great pleasure and public health is increasingly attracting my interest. That is why I started the post-graduate course: ‘International Public Health’ last February and I will focus on education and prevention in the upcoming period.