Stories from Malawi

Hello I am Malita, 11 years old and I live in Malawi.

My father has Malaria, everyday I see he’s getting weaker.

I’m afraid something will happen to him, my parents can’t pay for the treatment.

Malaria treatment costs 1500 malawian Kwacha, this is about 3€

My name is Cornelis, together with my friend Peter we made a ball from plastic and rope.

With this ball we can play soccer, we use shoes to create goals!

We build our own toys on a daily, we create small cars from steel-wire and we play with bicycle wheels and a stick!

What would you do if need to go to the hospital and there is no Public Transport or Taxi available?

The neighbor of Elize, 35 years old, is too weak to walk herself.

Elise takes her neighbor by fout to the hospital, after a few meters she collapses.

Her neighbor is too weak to walk.

Eventually a few men lay her in a wheelbarrow and have been travelling 12 hours to the hospital.

Hello my name is Tiwonge, together with my newborn son Vincent I visit an Mother-child group every month.

In this place I recieve advice about the common things for mothers.

We talk about Nutrition, Healthcare and Hygiene.

The location has capabilities to do general check-ups and vaccines for baby’s, I am very happy with this help.

On a yearly basis approximately 43.000 children pass away because of the lack of Information and Vaccines.

This is Toko, 9 years old, he is currently in Group 3 of Primary school..

He is very happy for the chance to go to school, he learns Malawian, English, Math and History.

His class consists of children between 8 and 15 years old, which he is very happy to be with.

Unfortunately Toko doesn’t know how long he can still go to school, his father lost his job recently.

Moses, 38 years old, has a tough year.

In the beginning of this year the weather was too dry, then the rain season started and all of his crops were flooded.

Some days Moses can only feed his family with 1 meal for 2 days.

Now he tried to plant Beans and Mais, hopefully he can feed his family on a daily basis soon.

Once in a while, when he has some extra money, he buys Eggs or Fish for the Children.

They will celebrate this meal all together!

How to care for your brothers and sisters as an 15 year old orphan?

Chimwemwe starts the day around 04:30, to brew her own beer.

It’s made from cornmeal, sugar and alcohol.

She sell the beer to the people of the village.

She knows the alcohol will bring trouble, but she has no choice.

On days she didn’t sell enough beer she will prostitute herself to get some extra money.

How to combine working and being a mother, when there is no daycare?

Elisabeth, 19 years old, walks 5 hours everyday with other women from the village to get water.

2,5 hours of the trip she walks with her baby on her back, through rough mountains and creeks.

The water they are searching for isn’t very clean and there are Malaria mosquito’s around.

After collecting the water they will walk 2,5 hours back to the village, Baby on her back and 50 kilo’s water on her head.