Current projects

Maternity hospital

3D design of the maternity hospital

In 2018 it was decided to start setting up a space where mothers and their (unborn) children can be safely cared for. At first, we called this the maternity clinic, but with time it became clear that this should be more than a clinic. That is why this has become the maternity hospital. The maternity hospital will have room for 20 women. It will also have a labour ward with four beds and four delivery rooms, a laboratory, pharmacy and two operating rooms.

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Fysiotherapy project

Fysiotherapist Daniëlle with a patiënt

In 2014, the first physiotherapists in Malawi graduated. Specializations can only be done in Kenya or South Africa. The profession of physiotherapy is therefore still not integrated. Many parents do not know what physiotherapists can do for their child, so children and young people with a disability do not receive the proper care. Physiotherapists Daniëlle, Anoeshka en Fransisca will help us with this project.

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A mother and her baby at the clinic

Mothers deserve specialized education about their health and that of their children. Therefore, Pio Health Center organizes information sessions every two weeks, during which vaccinations are also provided. Live Life Foundation makes this possible through donations.

In addition, the mobile clinic of Pio Health Center travels to a nearby village every two weeks. This setting can be compared with the Dutch health clinic. During this meeting, women and children are informed about healthy nutrition, breastfeeding, hygiene and disease prevention.

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Medication funding and outreach clinic

Outreach clinic

The clinic was set up to increase access to healthcare for the poorest. Many patients come to the clinic, but not every family is able to cover the medical costs, such as cotsts for antibiotics, a doctor’s consultation, malaria tablets, an IV, etc. In order to make this care possible, the priests and nuns map out for whom the medical costs are too high. The Live Life Foundation contributes a minimum of € 250 to these costs every month. This contribution is used to purchase medication so that the pharmacy is in stock, but also to reimburse medical treatments for people who cannot afford them.

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