Why Malawi

If you would be born in Malawi in 2020, your life expectancy is likely to be just 63 years old. The main cause for these low numbers is poor healthcare in Malawi.

A lot of people have never heard of Malawi, even less can show the location of Malawi on the world map.

Malawi is located in the South-east of Africa, the number of inhabitants is nearly the same as the Netherlands. The comparison with the Netherlands ends there. Because where the Netherlands has been one of the ten richest countries on our planet for years, you will find Malawi among the very poorest. More than 65% of the population lives below the poverty line. Live Life Foundation wants to make a difference in Malawi and give the population access to quality healthcare that every person deserves. The Foundation is particularly active in Lusangazi, Mzuzu region, which is located in Northern Malawi.

Why Mzuzu?

In the area of Mzuzu, there are several private clinics and a large government hospital. Unfortunately, those private clinics and the transport that is necessary to reach the clinics are too expensive for many people. The government hospital does not have enough doctors and medicine, resulting in unimaginably long queues. All these reasons prompted the construction of the clinic in Lusangazi, 10km outside the city of Mzuzu. In this way, care can be provided to the poorest and the villages that are difficult to reach.

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