Why malawi?

If you would be born in Malawi in 2020, your life expectancy is likely to be 50 years.

The main cause of these low numbers is healthcare in Malawi. 


A lot of people never heard of Malawi, even less can show the location of Malawi on the world map.

Malawi is located in the South-east of Africa, the number of inhabitants is nearly the same as the Netherlands.

That’s where the comparison with the Netherlands stops, because where the Netherlands is part of the ten  richest country’s in the world, is Malawi one of the most poor ( 65% of the people income is below  International poverty numbers )

Life standard and health care in Malawi is pitiful, on a yearly basis 68.000 people die of AIDS.

Live Life Foundation is here to make a difference, to give people hopes and chances, in this case around the village Mzuzu (North Malawi).


Why Mzuzu?

In and around Mzuzu there are several private health clinics and one government hospital.

These private health clinics are, including the taxi drive, too expensive for the locals.

The government hospital is unfortunately understaffed and lacks medicines, which results in waiting lines which can go up to outside the hospital and waiting times of more than 24 hours.

Due too these problems we decided to choose Lusangasi as location for our clinic, it’s located 10 kilometers outside Mzuzu.

That’s how we hope to deliver health care to the poor people of Malawi, on a yearly base the amount of deaths by treatable diseases is too high.


Capuchin Mission

Fortunately  good things happening in Mzuzu allready, our associate partner in the area “Capuchin Mission” has achieved great goals in 15 years of activity.

Capuchin Mission has build the only clinic in the region, and took care of building an Secondary School.

But we’re not there yet, in this particular clinic only one doctor is available.

Due to shortage of labour and many people visiting the clinic the queue increases every day, and the clinic has to close at night time.


A first solution

Live Life Foundation will do its best to develop health care in Malawi, the first big step to improvement is gathering a team of medical professionals for the clinic.

Malawian law describes a doctor should always reside close to a clinic/hospital.

In 2016 Live Life Foundation build two staff residences where Doctors and Medical staff can Live.

More buildings are needed, would you like to help us?


Support us!

Every gift is welcome, our financial account is the following:

NL 10 RABO 0129 4528 74
Stichting Life Life Foundation

Your gifts will be used for:
– Sickness prevention
– Clean water and Better hygiene
– Expansion of the Clinic
– Staff houses for the Clinic

Undergoing projects

Would you like to see our ongoing projects? Or would you like to help us in any other way?

Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Read more about our succeeded projects on this page