Live Life Foundation - Nieuws - Moeder-kind zorg

Mothers deserve specialized education about their health and that of their children. Pio Health Center therefore organizes information sessions every two weeks, during which vaccinations are also provided. Live Life Foundation makes this possible with donations.

In addition, the mobile clinic of Pio Health Center travels out every two weeks, to a nearby village. This setting can be compared with the Dutch health clinic. During this meeting, women and children are informed about healthy nutrition, breastfeeding, hygiene and disease prevention. The mobile clinic is mainly aimed at children up to the age of five. Height and weight are also measured and registered in the health passports of the mother and child. The most important during these meetings are the vaccinations. Children are vaccinated preventively and women who have not previously had any vaccinations can still be vaccinated.

The turn-out is often huge, often more than 100 women at a time. Sometimes it is a challenge to reach the women during the information session, as it is also a social meeting for them. Women see it as an opportunity to socialize and exchange daily news.

  • Live Life Foundation - Nieuws - Moeder-kind zorg
    Moeders en kinderen leveren van tevoren het gezondheidspaspoort van hen zelf en hun kind in waarna ze buiten in grote getale wachten tot ze geroepen worden voor de metingen en nodige vaccinatie(s).