Staff housing

Thanks to Capuchin Mission, Northern Malawi has gained a clinic. In Malawi it is mandatory to house a doctor close to the clinic. No house simply means no doctor. That is why Live Life Foundation has successfully contributed to the construction of staff houses.

Two staff houses were built in 2017. The government of Malawi requires private hospitals to house their staff. This is for safety reasons, so there is no need to travel at night and it reduces transport costs.

Pio Health Center, has regularly employed short-term doctors. They always left quickly when they were offered a better job elsewhere. Often for a better salary and with a home for their family.

Realizing one house costs € 11,000. We aim to build a minimum of 5 houses for the medical staff in the future, so that 24/7 medical care is possible. When these houses are finished, we can work with a permanent team, which will provide better health care for those in need.